InBody 970

اینبادی 970

A new standard of innovation

InBody 970

The advanced InBody970 has been developed with InBody’s cumulative technology to create a new standard for body composition analysis. The InBody970’s results sheets have the most diverse and useful data of any InBody device, and the InBody970’s elegant design transcends the boundaries of the device’s design for use from young children to athletes and the very obese.
InBody970 is equipped with advanced 3 MHz technology and a new ergonomic design to better suit patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before.

All about the new InBodys

What’s in the next generation InBody?

InBody's 3 MHz precision measurement technology

The InBody970 was the first device to use the 3 MHz frequency, which enables accurate measurements in a variety of subjects. In addition, the 3 MHz technology also ensures measurement stability in the entire range of frequencies, regardless of the test environment.

7 different results sheets for in-depth analysis

It offers 7 different results sheets to meet all the needs of our researchers. Assessment, research, comparison, visceral fat, body composition (for children) and body water results sheet available.

Age-specific assessment by InBody big data

InBody provides body composition assessment by age, based on InBody's global big data. This provides a comprehensive analysis so that you can compare your data with that of the younger age group (T-score) and the same age group (Z-score).

Highlights of the InBody970

Innovative design

InBody970 offers a new seamless look with default details. The concave head design protects the subject’s privacy during measurement while also increasing the user’s visibility. Stainless electrodes and an improved base plate improve conductivity and allow weighing up to 300 kg. With four corner load cells, your measurement starts immediately after stepping on the machine.

Accurate high frequency of 3 MHz
Measurement technology

The higher the frequency, the more difficult it is to control the frequency in the human body, leading to unstable impedance measurements. BWA overcomes this limitation and uses the world’s first 3 MHz frequency, which penetrates even better than our cell membranes.

Smart measurement inside the body

The ID recognition process can be done quickly and easily using the InBody Band, fingerprint or barcode scanner.

Optional device
Deep abdominal analysis
Integrated with the world’s first portable BIA abdominal fat analyzer, Yscope, in particular, correlates more than 90% with CT, enabling a non-invasive method of accurate and convenient measurement within 10 seconds. It provides specialized indicators for abdominal obesity research, including obesity, endocrine diseases, and metabolic diseases.

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