The price of the inbody body analyzer

The price of the inbody body analyzer

The price of the products varies depending on the activity of each device
Inbody body analyzers have overcome the limitations of the conventional BIA method through their unique technologies.
With the advancement of technology, InBody has proven itself as the most accurate BIA device for measuring body composition. Studies show that fat-free mass (FFM) measured by InBody has 98% compliance with FFM measured by DEXA. Also, InBody has high accuracy not only for a normal society, but also for other groups of the population such as obese, different races, and different types of patients. The price of the InBody device is different from the technology used in its types of devices.
Relying on its outstanding and exclusive technologies, the InBody company has been able to overcome the technical limitations of the old bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) methods.

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