Inpatient analysis

InBody S10

The InBody S10 Body Water Analyzer is specifically designed for immobile or amputated patients. The InBody S10 uses attachable electrodes to detect excess fluid and assess cellular health.

What's different about the InBody S10?

اینبادی پردازش ابری

Portable design

Automatically store all data from InBody units in Lookin'Body Web, InBody's cloud database management system. Easily view and manage client results and see their progress anytime, anywhere.

تحلیل بدون تخمین با اینبادی

Back sleeping test

Only impedance is used to determine your body composition results, no empirical estimates such as gender and age are used or required to predict your body composition.

تحلیل در 15ثانیه با اینبادی

No estimate

Quickly measure body fat mass, muscle mass and water level in less than a minute. It is not submerged without pinching. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes without discomfort.

Body composition tracking

Results sheet

InBody S10

InBody 270 records the user’s weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat perceantage from the last eight tests to track progress over time. Do you want to know how to use this data in practice?

The result of body water

Dialysis treatment
Segmental ECW/TBW shows the distribution of body water in each body segment. This makes it possible to monitor trends and detect abnormal changes in fluid distribution caused by injury, aging, obesity, and other health factors. Track changes in fluid composition history to see how a patient is responding to a program and whether changes need to be made to improve their health.

Malnutrition and cancer treatment
Phase angle is a good indicator of cell integrity. The InBody S10 provides whole-body phase angle and segmental phase angle analysis at 50 kHz. The higher the phase angle, the healthier the cellular integrity. Phase angle values can be used to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate vitamins and minerals.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions20.7 x 33.6 x 46.3 (L x W x H ) : in
  • Frequencies1, 5, 50, 250, 500, 1000 kHz
  • Test duration90 seconds (medical mode) 130 seconds (research mode)
  • Weight range10-250 kg
  • Ages3-99 years
  • Height range95-220 cm
  • Product weight2 kg
  • Database100,000 results (if member ID is used)
  • AccessoriesBody Water Result Sheet, Body Tissue, USB Thumb Drive, External Battery, Carrying Case, Shopping Cart
  • Warranty1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Compatible printersLaser/Inkjet PCL 3 or above and SPL
  • Additional featuresTouch screen
  • Outputs - standard outputsWeight, Total Body Water, Dry Fat Free Mass, Body Fat Free Mass, Body Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, Segmental Leanness Analysis, Body Composition History, Body Fat - Lean Body Mass Control , basal metabolic rate, impedance in each segment/frequency
  • Outputs - Additional outputsIntracellular Water Extracellular Water ECW/TBW Analysis Visceral Fat Level Segmental Fat Analysis Visceral Fat Area Segmental Body Water Analysis Segmental ECW/TBW Analysis Segmental ICW Analysis and segmental analysis of ECW, leg fat free mass, TBW/LBM, reactance, whole body and segmental phase angle

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